Gentlemen Escorts

Hello and a very big welcome to the House of Gentlemen. This company was formed by Marnie.

We are an elite team of non-sexual male escorts. Each and every gentleman has been carefully vetted to ensure that you get only the very best.

What you read about them is true, nothing has been made up and all the facts are correct. No scripts were written for the videos, they had no practice time, only one chance to get it right.

We want to tell you as much as possible about each companion so that you know what you are getting.

All are police checked so we can ensure your security at all times. We offer only the best and hope that you see the perfect companion, may it be for a formal dinner date, a party, a works function, fancy dress or perhaps you would like to go to the theatre or the opera and need someone to accompany you.

Maybe you just want a companion to team up with to play golf or you need someone to carry your golf bag or drive the golf buggy? Perhaps you feel like going on holiday and don’t want to go alone. Or maybe you just want to treat yourself and feel great with an extremely attractive and interesting man on your arm? Get all your friends and family jealous!

House of Gentlemen has the perfect escort for you.

Our escorts will not let you down and will say what you want to convince your work colleagues, friends and family etc. They will hold your hand if requested, they will kiss you on the lips but no tongues please. His arm can be around you all night. Just tell us what you want.

We want to protect you and our escorts so we must stress that all of our guys are non-sexual. If you are looking for more than just companionship then please find another agency to view!

We will not charge you a fee for looking and will not ask you for any information until you have decided to book with us. To continue please read the terms and conditions and tick the box if you agree and wish to continue.

Many thanks - Enjoy the House of Gentlemen.
Why go alone? Why not have great company? Remember, you only live once.

Take a look for yourself...

Just a little about the company. L&C Enterprises Ltd was formed in May 2008.
House of Gentlemen was launched in January 2009 covering the UK, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
House of Ladies was launched in May 2009 covering the UK, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.
House of Gentlemen and Ladies in Portugal in 2011 covering Portugal and Madeira.
(Also on Portuguese) Casadassenhorasecavalheiros in Portugal in 2011 covering Portugal and Madeira.
House of Russian Ladies in December 2012 covering Ukraine and Russia. We are looking for other franchises within Europe and Worldwide.